Bookmark tools is a collection of tools which makes it possible to manage large sets of bookmarks. The main function consists of a wrapper for a high performance text search engine called clucene (C++ port of lucene). With the help of this mighty library it is possible to index large amounts of bookmarks and their corresponding website and properties. Then it is easy and comfortable to search through the indexed data and receive results.

With the increasing number of bookmarks it becomes more difficult to organize folders, categorize items or simply get an overview. This firefox extension helps to recognize broken bookmark links, detects page language, lists duplicates (checks urls and page content), finds and finally scores bookmarks. Unlike the browsers embedded search functionality queries can be combined with wildcards which allows searches such as book* or b?ok.


If you have a question about BookmarkTools, ideas, comments or bug reports feel free to send an email to bookmarkTools. In conjunction with the development of this add-on a lot of useful components were implement. Under the documentation tab you can find a short explanation of each module.